Hexo is here!

Allow me to introduce you. Hexo is a static website generator aiming at blogs. And, I must say, Hexo handles it quite well. I wasn’t sure if static blog is good enough (I was using WordPress for ages), but so far it would seem it’s fairly capable. You can even have dynamic features like comments and search, all handled via magic of JavaScript.

And the best part of a static blog - it is very secure, because there are no server-side dynamic pieces which could be exploited. No poorly written WordPress plugin can ruin your blog. Ever. Finding hosting is easy, you can just use virtually any free hosting. Or even better, use GitHub pages or some service serving from GitHub, e.g. RawGit.

From what I have seen to this point, I can say that it is highly customizable. Most common things, like images or YouTube videos, are working out-of-the-box. Just type a short incantation - {% youtube VIDEO_ID %} and bam, now you have a video in your post. There is a decent amount of plugins available, for example for administration, deploying or mathematics support. I was even able to mash up a simple plugin in about half an hour with no previous knowledge of Hexo’s API or internals.

I am looking forward to experimenting with templates and plugins in Hexo.